Friday, May 8, 2015

GS Troop 3124 Camp Day

On April 25th, our Girl Scout troop spent the day at Camp Windemere in Alvin.

We left Sienna around noon & got to camp around 1:00 pm. Upon arriving, the girls helped unload all the supplies & set everything up.

And then after all that hard work, it was definitely time for a snack!

After snack time, we went on a hike in search of wood for our campfire.

And not only did the girls find lots of wood on our hike, but they also found lots of mud puddles!

Thank goodness for rainboots!

We hiked all the way to the teepees

& then turned around & headed back to our campsite.

The next thing that we did was go over a few fire safety rules & have the girls practice striking a match

and blowing it out.

Once all the girls had had a turn lighting a match, they were ready to light the campfire!

We partnered them up & each pair was given a torch.

The torches were lit

and then the girls lowered the torches into the fire ring to start the fire.
This way each & every girl got to participate in the lighting of our very first troop campfire!

Our next activity was to start to prepare for dinner. To do this, the girls broke up into their camp patrols to tackle their dinner duties.

One patrol was in charge of cooking dinner.

One patrol was in charge of washing dishes.

And Addy was part of the hospitality patrol which was in charge of setting the tables, pouring drinks,

and making centerpieces.

I was super impressed with what they came up with for the centerpieces! 
Flowers & greenery with toilet paper vases!

When dinner was ready, we gathered around the table & said grace. The hospitality patrol was in charge of picking a grace & they chose to have everyone at the table say what they are thankful for.

And then it was time for dinner!

Which was spaghetti with ground beef & marinara sauce, bow tie pasta with butter & Caesar salad.

As you can see, dinner was a big hit!

And it really was surprisingly delicious! 
(And I say surprisingly because 1. I am not a camper & am not used to food that is cooked on a propane stove. And 2. because it was cooked by 7 & 8 year olds & according to Alex, no one under the age of 18 knows how to cook. Lol)

After dinner, we roasted marshmallows

and ate smores!

The girls learned lots of new camping skills, but of course the day wasn't all work & no play. 
There was lots of time for fun activites...

Such as stomping in the mud,

catching bugs,

flying kites

and making SWAPS!

I was pretty worried about how this day was going to turn out because it was pouring rain just an hour before we were scheduled to leave for camp. But the rain stopped & the girls embraced the mud! And it turned out to be a really awesome experience! 

And a big thank you to my fantastic troop co-leader who planned the whole thing! This day would have never happened without her ;)

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