Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter with the Stricklands

The day before Easter, we went to the beach & then we stayed the night at my in laws house. And on Easter morning, even though we weren't at home, the Easter bunny was still able to track us down & fill up the kids' Easter baskets.

He left some Zootopia tsums for Addy

and some funko pops for Alex.
(If you don't have small children right now, it probably sounds like I'm speaking a foreign language with tsum & funko pops. Luckily the Easter bunny knows what all these things are!)

After the kids looked through their baskets,

they dyed some eggs using a tie-dye kit.

And they turned out really pretty!

Then we ate lunch with the family
(and with a funko pop)

and then had an Easter egg hunt.

Addy was excited because she got the golden egg with $5.00 in it.

And Alex was just excited for more candy!

After the egg hunt, we played a little cards before heading back home.

And that's how we spent our Easter!

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