Thursday, June 29, 2017

MEH.HE.CO (Day5)

Tuesday, May 2nd was our last day in Mexico. Our ride back to the airport was set to pick us up at 2:00pm so we had the morning to have one last adventure. Which was...

Visiting one of the many cenotes in the area, Cenote Azul.

I'd never been to a cenote before so I really had no idea what to expect.
This is what we walked into...

Kind of looked like a jungle.

And then this... which is one of several tiny pools of water along the path.

So I'm like, ok, interesting... 

And then the path ends & I see this!

And this!
I mean, look how clear that water is!
(And COLD!!!)

We did snorkel for a little bit.

But most of the fish we saw were these little ones that wanted to give us a pedicure.

So instead we spent most of our time jumping off the cliff

and swimming.

This place was so much fun!! I definitely recommend visiting it if you ever find yourself in the area.

Around lunchtime, we packed up & headed back to our hotel to change & check out. And then it was off to the airport to go home!

Nick was such a trooper on this trip. He was sick the entire time we were in Mexico. So sick he almost passed out one day. But he still powered through & went on an adventure with me everyday. Our last full day, I started loosing my voice & feeling bad too so we went to the doctor when we got home & found out we both had strep throat.

So needless to say, as great as this vacation was, it definitely deserves a do over! Guess we'll have to visit the Rivera Maya at least one more time!!

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