Monday, June 26, 2017

MEH. HE. CO (Day 4)

The next day was Monday, May 1st, which was our last full day in Mexico.

We spent the morning at our great hotel beach doing our usual...

swimming, laying out

and taking selfies :)
I put on my snorkel mask & swam around & discovered that there were a ton of fish that we hadn't noticed before! Once we spotted them, we saw there everywhere!

We ate a yummy lunch on the beach
and then headed out on our day's adventure to...

the Mayan ruins of Tulum!

Since Tulum was a walled city, to enter the ruins you have to walk through one of the openings in the wall.

It's kind of a small site but does have a couple large buildings including 

El Castillo

The Temple of the Frescoes
and the palace.

But what makes these ruins so awesome are the fact that they are located right on the Caribbean Ocean!

I mean how beautiful is that! 

After exploring the ruins, we walked back up to the entrance

for some photo ops & shopping before heading back to our hotel.

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