Tuesday, June 14, 2011

101 Summer Activites

School's out & next year Addy starts Kindergarten. So I don't want this summer to be wasted. I saw an idea online that I thought was really cool, so I took it & tweaked it to fit my & my kiddos lives. And that is where we get 101 Summer Activites!
Believe it or not, 101 activities was not very hard to come up with. I even had to scale it down. But I am hopeful that we can accomplish all 101 of these things in the 84 days of summer! Sounds like we better get a move on!!!
So here's our list & we'll check it off as we go.....

Pick vegetables from our garden
make paper plate masks
make beaded necklaces
play in the baby pool
make a marble run
make ice cream sandwiches
play in the sprinkler
get summer haircuts
put on a play
paint faces
play cowboys
look for insects
Toys R Us trip
foam crafts
sing songs
make binoculars
get a fish
make father's day breakfast for daddy
make super hero masks
make chocolate covered bananas
make ice cream
have Addy's birthday party
make father's day cards
wash car
make snakes from ties
Chuck E Cheese
make chalk
nature scavenger hunt
make crazy feet
make windsock
go to movie
make book of birthday cards
water balloons
water guns
go to Science Museum
make stamps
go to Stomping Grounds
make a paper lei
make crowns
go to Bounce Zone
go to the circus
go bowling
bake a cake
Build a Bear
make a book
make flower necklaces
pop fireworks
go to the bookstore
play school
make fireflies
diet coke & mentos experiment
go to wave pool
collect seashells
go to the beach
macaroni art
lunch with Daddy
pet rocks
make milk jug elephants
play board games
make playdough
cut abc pictures from magazines
Moody Gardens
make a bird feeder
make crayons
build with legos
play Blue's Clues
make rain sticks
playdate with cousins
fly kites
play dress up
have a tea party
go to club pool
Lowe's building project
make cookies
make sock puppets
camera alphabet scavenger hunt
make popscicles
playdate with Clay
go to the library
make instruments
ride bikes
build a fort
make slime
pick flowers
make a sandcastle
go to Brushy Lake pool
go to a splash park
slip n slide
blow bubbles
go to Children's Museum
open gym day at Gymboree
go to the Houston Aquarium
play in the rain (if it ever rains again!)
go to Dairy Queen for ice cream
eat snocones
& go to the resort pool

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