Thursday, June 2, 2011

School's out for summer!!

Today was Addison's last day of PPCD. She is no longer a pre-schooler!
Ahh, where has that time gone?

Yesterday, I went to her Awards ceremony. They started by doing a little magic trick.
Addy was so excited that she found the ball!

Then they sang a song about colors.

They also sang the song "Down on Grandpa's Farm." Alex loved it & it's his new favorite song!
Addy kept asking for the "cow, please." 
She had to wait her turn, but she did get the cow so she was excited!

Mrs. Hill presented Addy with a certificate of participation in PPCD &
an award for EXCELLENCE in all that she does! (That's definitley Addy!)

Reading a book while the other kids got their awards!

Addy & Mrs. Lieb
Addy & Ms. Margaret

Addy & Mrs. Hill

Thanks ladies for 2 wonderful years! You will be missed!

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