Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Addy lost yet another speech therapist at TCH last month. That makes her 4th since she started there 2 years ago. Because of that, she has started going to a new center for both her Speech & Occupational Therapy. I've heard good things about it & its much closer than TCH. And 4 doors down in the same shopping center is GYMBOREE!
Alex & I walked down there during Addy's first session yesterday to get some info on classes. Well, it just so happens that from 9-9:45 on Tuesdays is open gym time! Yay! That works out perfectly for us because Addy is in therapy from 9-10. So we were able to go in & play & thank goodness for that because Alex was crying & saying "Baby too, Baby play" while I was paying. There's no way we would have made it out of there without playing without a full blown fit! So from now on, Alex & I will be playing at Gymboree each Tuesday morning.

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  1. Awww, he looks so happy! I miss taking Hannah to Little Gym at that age!

    And ya know, you could just move on over to Austin. I have several friends who are speech therapists who are just FABULOUS ;)


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