Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekly Update

It's that time again...time to share with you a glimpse into our lives through the lens of my iPhone...

 We've been busy busy busy! But not with anything special, just with everyday life! (And numerous trips to Hobby Lobby for Christmas decorations!)
We celebrated Thanksgiving with Nick's family on Thursday & mine on Saturday. I will be writing a separate post on Thanksgiving soon.

When we got back home after the holiday, we put up our Christmas tree & all our other Christmas decorations. I plan on writing a separate post on that too.

So what AM I going to share in this post you ask... Well, here you are...
Look who can tie her shoes! She's been working on it in OT & at school & passed the shoe tying test in PE last week. Yay Addy!
I moustache you a question Mommy!
My beautiful girl posing for a few pictures before school
Even though she's not smiling or looking at the camera, I just love this picture. She's so beautiful!
Wednesday night Addy & I had another girl scout meeting. I read Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to the girls & we discussed how courageous Rudolph was. Then the girls made reindeer antlers & painted their noses with red glitter paint. They all earned their red petal.
Think he was cold?
On Thursday morning, Dennis the Menace, I mean Alex, painted his toenails pink! He went to the bathroom & I was distracted & didn't notice how long it had taken him until he ran into the living room & said "Look mom, don't you just love this!" Amazingly, the whole bathroom wasn't pink & he even put the lid back on the polish.
Alex had been going on & on about this RescueBot that he wanted. (I didn't even know what a RescueBot was.) So when we went to Walmart on Friday, we ventured over to the toy section & he directed me to it. He was so excited about his new toy, "a RescueBot that transforms into a taxi & it's legs turn into tailfins." That's the way he describes it. (He's such a boy... at 3 he knows about car tailfins & at 33 I still don't!)
This past weekend the kids & I went to the Reindeer Run & Jingle Jam at Addy's school. And again, I will follow up with another post on that soon. I promise!
And while we were at the Jingle Jam, here's where Nick was...
At the Georgia Dome watching the Alabama Crimson Tide win the SEC Championship!
And that is what we have been up to? How 'bout you?

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