Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pinterest Party

Last Saturday, I had my mom & sisters over for a Pinterest Party. We all picked a Christmas craft project & brought enough supplies for everyone to make it. Each craft was very different & they all turned out great!
And it was a lot of fun!

Kelci's project... a modern Nativity scene
(Mine is the one on the left with the headless Mary.)

My project... a Merry Christmas sign
(Mine is the one on the bottom.)
Mom's project... a Christmas tree plant stake
(Mine is the bottom left. There are 6 because Hannah made one too.)
Molly's project... Joy
(This is mine.)
Brooke's project.. Beach Christmas ornaments
(This is mine hanging on my Christmas tree. It has sand from the beach from our family vacation this summer at Santa Rosa Beach.)
I also had a 2nd project which was Santa ornaments. You can see them in the bottom right hand corner of the picture above. I got busy cooking & forgot to make one though. I have all my supplies so maybe I'll make mine before Christmas.
After making all our crafts, Mom, Brooke, Kelci & I went on the CASA Christmas Home Tour in Sienna & Sugar Land. We toured some beautiful homes, one of them was over 11,000 sq feet!
I always have such a great time when I get together with my family! And this time was no exception! It was so much fun & we ended up with some great Christmas crafts! We will definitley have to do this again next year! 

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