Friday, March 8, 2013

Monthly Update

I know it's been awhile since I posted an update. My only excuse is that I've been slacking. But I'm back now & here is what we have been doing...

The weekend before Valentine's Day, we took the kids to Galveston. First we ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. (And just about every week since then Addy has been asking to go back. That place is so up her alley!)

And then we went to Moody Gardens. 
The plan was to go to a Special Needs Mardi Gras event that was at Moody Gardens. I thought it was going to be a fun arts & crafts type of event for kids but when we got there it was really more of a dance/prom type of event for older people with special needs. They had a live band playing & it was just way too loud for both Addy & Alex. So instead, we went in the Rainforest Pyramid. Of course, Addy loved seeing all the animals & we all had a great day on the island!

We celebrated Nick's 37th birthday! Boy that's a lot of candles, lol!

Addy had her Valentine's Day celebration at school. She had to decorate a bag for her cards & of course she chose to decorate it like a tiger.
(She had a little help from mom on this one.)

During her party the kids made ice cream sundaes 
(which of course Addy did not eat, but Alex did!)

and they played Pin the Cupid on the Heart. 
(I think Mrs. Perfectionist might have cheated a little bit, lol.)

Alex had a Valentine's party too with his playgroup. He even signed some of his cards. Look how great he wrote his name!

Addy of course has been playing with Bailey a lot. She just loves him so much! She reads to him

and makes him play dress up with her! (She made him a lion's mane, lol)

And Alex has been hogging the iPads, lol. Sometimes he even watches the same show on both iPads. He pauses them until he gets them at exactly the same spot. He's such a smart little boy!

Addy took her school pictures. Didn't they turn out great! 
(And how come she never sits & smiles for me when I'm the one taking the picture?)

Nick & I went to San Antonio for a weekend after our cruise was canceled & Addy started playing baseball in a new special needs league here in Sienna. I'll write a separate post on both of those.

Everything else we've been doing is just everyday life. School, work, speech, dance, girl scouts, playgroup, support group, cleaning, working out, & numerous trips to HEB! So I guess that's all for this post. But I'll be back. Soon. I promise.

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