Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve at CiCi & PopPop's House

Since Nick didn't get out of the hospital until Monday evening, we weren't going to go to my mom & dad's for our annual Christmas Eve celebration. But I was kind of sad about it. It would have been my first time EVER to not be there. So Nick & I talked about it & we decided that the kids & I would go. I was really worried about leaving Nick alone (and called him over & over to check on him) but I'm glad we went because we had a wonderful time, as ususal!

Here's a few pictures of everyone opening their gifts.

Dad got a guitar & a harmonica for Christmas & 
Alex was very interested in both!

And here are some pictures of my fabulous family!

Mom & Dad

Michael, Clark, Molly & Hannah

Emery, Brooke, Boone, Jared & Charlie

Addy, me & Alex

Chloe & Kelci

Mom & Dad with all their girls

Mom & Dad with all their grandkids

I sure do love these guys!
And again, we had such a great time! (I just wish Nick & Jeff could have been there.)

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