Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Polar Express Day & Addy's Christmas Party

Thursday, December 19th, Addy had Polar Express Day at school.
(What that means is that the kids wear their pajamas to school, they drink hot chocolate, have a cookie & some popcorn & they watch The Polar Express. It makes for a super fun day!)

Since I'm the room mom for Addy's class, I was there to help prepare & serve the hot chocolate. Addy was first in line & as you can see, so excited to get her hot chocolate (even though she didn't drink a drop of it!)

Here's her sweet class with their hot chocolate.

The next day, Friday the 20th was Addy's class Christmas party.
The party started off with the whole class (and Alex) making an ornament.

The ornament was a cute little felt mouse with a candy cane to hang it on the tree.

This little girl loved it!

When the ornaments were done, I (as room mom) divided the kids up into 3 groups & they rotated through a couple of stations. The first station for Addy was a snowball race game. The kids held a styrofoam ball in a ladle & had to run to the end of the rug & back. Addy loved this game! (It's just like an egg in the spoon game which Addy always wants to play at home using real eggs!)

After the snowball race, Addy & her group decorated cookies.

And then they played Christmas bingo.

The party was great & all the kids seemed like they had a lot of fun! 
(Which I'm glad about because as room mom I'm basically in charge of everything.)


  1. Fun! I LOVE the ornament you made with them! Where did you find that?


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