Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas with the Stricklands

By Thursday, Nick was starting to feel a little better, so we went to Lumberton for a few nights so that we could celebrate Christmas with his family.

Thursday night, the kids made a gingerbread train.

Addy was more into decorating it

And Alex, well he was more interested in licking the icing off his fingers! 

Friday night, Nick's brother & his family came over for our Christmas celebration.
First we opened presents (priorities guys!!)

And after that, we ate dinner (which was a giant pot of gumbo that I made) and then played cards (or 'shuffle' as Alex calls it!) It was fun night (even though Nick won the game & beat me by one measly point. I'm just a little competitive, lol, just a little!)

Here are a few family pictures of the Stricklands...

Nick, Eddie, Pat & Wayne (just missing Trinia)

Grant, Tracey, Jules & Wayne

And Us (the next morning before we left because we didn't get a picture that night)

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