Monday, January 27, 2014


Here's what we've been doing the past couple of weeks...

Alex went to a friend's birthday party. There were sack races, a pinata & a bounce house. He had a blast playing with all his little buddies from school!

The kids and all Alex's play group friends had a knights & princesses photo shoot. It was the cutest thing ever! Alex is the knight in red & black.

And here's my little princess!

After the knights & princesses photo shoot, the photographer did a mini session with just my kiddos. 

(These are obviously not the professional photos, but this is right after the shoot was over. I got the photos last week so I'll try to post them for y'all tomorrow.)

I went to the eye doctor & found out that I needed glasses (just a slight prescription that I don't have to wear all the time, mostly just when working on screens or driving at night.) So Alex & I went glasses shopping. I ended up getting these.

And Alex wanted to get these!

We had a Girl Scout meeting where Addy learned about money & earned leaves to go under her Daisy petals. We also went on a field trip to the bank where she got to go behind the counter & see the machine that counts the money, deposit slips, a counterfeit bill & stuff like that. 

And of course, as I'm sure you all know, last week we went to Disney World!
(Blog posts on our trip coming soon!)

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