Friday, January 3, 2014


Here's what we've been doing lately....
(And by lately, I mean like the last 3 or 4 months!)

We went to my cousin Amanda's wedding.
 Alex & Chloe had a lot fun dancing.

But Alex was really disappointed that he didn't catch the bouquet :(

Alex had safety week at school. He learned all about what to do if he comes in contact with a stranger (run, yell & tell), how to call 911 & all about firefighters.

The kids and I went to Chloe's 3rd birthday party.

Addy really got into the Peppa Pig theme!

And Alex tried to catch a duck! 
(There was a pond right outside of where the party was held.)

We got a new kitten. She is an all black cat & we named her Sasha.

Addy loves her!

We went to Minute Maid Park

where we participated in the Buddy Walk in honor of Addy's good friend Norah.

Alex learned about Thanksgiving at school and had a Thanksgiving party.

And Addy had a drum parade & a Thanksgiving feast at her school.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Nick's family & Maryse came & ate with us. The kids were really excited to get to spend some time with their big sister!

And we also celebrated with my family at my sister Kelci's house.

I ran the 10th annual fun run at Addy's school. It's a 5K & this was my 3rd year to run in it. I finished with a time of 25:36, which is an 8:04 pace. I'm not sure what place I came in though because the chipped times were totally screwed up. 

We went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Alex's friend Carson's 4th birthday.

And Addy had a blast rocking out on the guitar! 
(I absolutely love this video!)

Addy had her Girl Scout Christmas PJ Party. The girls played games, made smores & watched a movie. It was lots of fun! Roasting marshmallows was Addy's favorite part!

Mom, Brooke & I went on the Ft. Bend Casa Home Tour where we saw lots of beautiful houses all decorated for Christmas. 

And last weekend we celebrated Christmas at my Aunt Susan's house with my mom's side of the family. Love these people!

We've also had karate and crossfit and Girl Scout meetings and Girl Scout activities and school and volunteering and vet appointments (you wouldn't believe the shot schedule for a kitten!) and everything else!

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