Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Addy's 1st Grade Awards & Talent Show

Addy had her first grade awards on May 29th, which was one week before school got out for the summer.

During the awards ceremony, Addy got 3 awards. They were...

Friendliest Girl
which was voted on by her class!
Do you all understand the awesomeness of this???
My sweet girl with ASD with 'delays in social skills' was voted the friendliest girl in her class by her classmates!

The Young Artist Award
which was given to her by her art teacher.

And a Spelling Achievement Award
given to her by her teacher Mrs. Lowe for not only knowing all her weekly spelling words all year long (without ever studying) but she also added extra words to the test each week so that there would be 19 words on the test. (She did this because she was number 19 in class & it only makes sense that there is the same number of spelling words as your class number, right!)

And after she got her awards, she had to tell a quick joke while she had everyone's attention. Silly girl!

Here she is at the end of the awards with

 her teacher

some of her friends

and her class!

One week later, on June 5th, Addy's class had a talent show.

Addy was the opening act, The Comedy Kid.

Boy, did she do awesome!
All this from a girl who was hardly speaking just 3 short years ago!
And now she's a regular little comedian.
I sure am one proud momma!

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