Friday, June 6, 2014

Soccer Shots

 2 years ago we signed Alex up for t ball, but after the first game he was done. And then last year I signed him up for the sports skills class at The Little Gym. Most days though, he wouldn't even go in the gym & on the days that he did, all he would do is sit on the side & watch. So when his school sent home a flyer for Soccer Shots, a soccer club that would be coming to his school, I thought that this just might be the perfect opportunity to try to get him interested in a sport. So I signed him up!

Every Wednesday morning for 9 weeks, his Soccer Shots coach, Coach Lindsay, would come to St. Catherine's. The class had about 15 kids in it & lasted about 45 minutes.

On the last class day, parents were invited to watch as the kids showed off all the skills that they had learned.

They started the class with an opening circle where they discussed the word of the week.

Then they ran a little to warm up. Look at Alex, he's raring to go!

Then they demonstrated their ball handling skills. 
They dribbled the ball

and controlled the ball.

Then Coach Lindsey had the kids play a little scrimage. Alex & 3 other boys played 2 on 2. Alex was really pretty good. (Which he warns me of all the time... "I have to warn you, I'm pretty good at this stuff!")

Look at this hot & sweaty kid!

When they were all done, they came together for a closing huddle.

And got Soccer Shots All Stars certificates!

I'm really glad that I signed Alex up for this program because he loved it! It really peaked his interest in soccer & because of that, I've signed him up for a Houston Dynamos soccer camp this summer. 

Looks like we might have a future soccer star on our hands! Because don't forget... "He's pretty good at this stuff!"

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