Saturday, June 7, 2014

SOE Tug of War & Field Day

Every year, SOE has a big Tug of War competition & of course, Field Day.

This year Tug of War was on May 2nd. 

Mrs. Lowe's class fought hard & came in 6th place! 
(out of eight 1st grade teachers!)

Field Day was 3 weeks later, on Friday, May 23rd.

Their field day does not have races & ribbons like your old school field day, it's more like a carnival. 

They had pogo sticks

and an obstacle course

a hamster wheel

wiggle cars

and a giant blow up slide!
 (There were actually a lot more activities to do, but the kids were allowed to do whatever they wanted. So Addy spent most of her time sliding on this slide!)

From the look of it, I'm pretty sure Addy & all her classmates had a really fun time during Field Day!

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