Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boosterthon 2015

The kids' elementary school had a new fundraising event this year which replaced the 5K run that the PTO has put on for the last 10 years. It was called the Boosterthon.

The Boosterthon team was at the school for 2 weeks interacting with the kids & having pep rallies & giving out prizes while encouraging the kids to get pledges for their school. And on the last day, which was February 20th, the kids participated in a 2 mile fun run.

Alex was so excited for the Boosterthon. 
He came running out with his class grinning ear to ear.

But he quickly went from this

to this. (He got nervous & uncomfortable because he didn't know what was going on.)

But then once he started running, he was fine.

Well I said running, but I meant walking. 

I'm pretty sure he did not run. At all.
Just walked & talked. With friends.

But he did awesome! 
He walked the entire hour & completed 30 laps, which was 1.875 miles.
(And that's a lot for the boy who gets tired walking a quarter mile from the house to the playground!)

I'm so proud of him & his whole class. Way to go Kindergarten!

Addy was also super excited for the Boosterthon.

She actually ran though.

She did walk a few laps

and take some water breaks.

But she ran most of it.

And she finished all 35 laps which was 2 miles!

Way to go Addy & all of 2nd grade!

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