Friday, February 13, 2015


One of my goals for 2015 is to learn to use my new camera in manual mode & so to help accomplish this I decided to participate in a photography project called Project 365. The object of the project is to take a picture every day through out the year & post them somewhere. 

So far, I've been taking most of my pictures with my iphone & posting them on Instagram. But I plan to also take some with my camera throughout the year (hopefully in manual mode.) And I'll post them on my blog once or twice a month.

So here are my pictures from #Project365 for January...

What do you do when it's too wet & cold to play outside? Go snorkeling in the bathtub, of course! 1/365

Winter Weight Loss challenge started today. Successful first day even though I'm battling strep throat & Addy insisted that I make her fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Didn't even have 1! 2/365

A perfect Sunday afternoon! 4/365

Nothing like spending your Christmas money on some of your favorite things... My Little Pony, Little Live Pets (she definitely need 1 more bird) & As Seen On TV toys! 5/365

Out with the old & in with the new. 6/365

And now a 24 hour white diet. 7/365

Getting my nighttime snuggies with this sweet old kitty. 8/365

Oh hey there puppy puppy! 9/365

RAWR 10/365

Cupcakes + nerf guns= best birthday party ever! 11/365

I did something today that I loathe... I ran with my hair down. 13/365

my little reader 14/365

Back in a classroom today. Feels so natural but boy does it make me tired! 16/365

Will sit for bacon 17/365

Helping Daddy with some man's work 18/365

Perfect kite flying weather 20/365

So this just happened & now Addy has 1 less tooth! 21/365

Vintage mini cooper that I saw in our neighborhood 24/365

We do lazy Sundays great around here 25/365

Having some much needed coffee after another day of subbing 26/365

She stayed home sick from school today yet somehow convinced me she's well enough to camp in the backyard! 27/365

Playing video games with Alex... Also known as being dominated by a 5 year old! (Except when we play Mario, I dominate at Mario!) 29/365

After school play date at the park on this gorgeous day 30/365

17 Wildtree freezer meals done & done! 31/365

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