Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentine's Day Parties

The kids had their Valentine's Day parties on Friday, February 13th.
(Which was also Nick's birthday.)

During Alex's party, the kids made a cute heart craft.

And then they made homemade trail mix for their snack.

During Addy's party, the kids made a love bug craft.

And then had ice cream sundaes for their snack. Yum!

Both their classes passed out their Valentine's cards earlier in the day before the parties started.
But here are their card holders.

Alex wanted his to be Skylanders & INSISTED that it be a bag, not a box.
So we put Snapshop (he's a good guy) on one side.

And Kaos (he's evil) on the other.

 Addy, on the other hand, only had one request. That her box be an elephant!
I was a little puzzled over how we would pull this off, but then my crafty side took over & it was really quite easy. And it turned out adorable!

Both their box & bag were filled with cards & candy & little toys.
And not surprisingly, Alex someone dug right in as soon as we got home.

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