Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NYC - Day 4

The thing that I didn't mention in my last post was that Kelci, Jeff & I went to a deli late Saturday night for a snack. And when I woke up on Sunday morning, I was in terrible pain from what I'm pretty sure was food poisoning!

So even though I really just wanted to lay in bed & sleep all Sunday, I endured a full day of sightseeing & then a 3 hour flight home. It was painful yet wonderful all at the same time!

Since we were flying home that evening, we packed up in the morning & stowed our luggage at the hotel before heading out for the day.

Then we took the subway to Ground Zero.

We walked around the 9/11 Memorial

and then went inside the 9/11 Museum.

We spent about an hour or so at Ground Zero but that was not nearly enough time. It's definitely on my to do list next time I go to NYC. 

When we left Ground Zero, we took the subway again, this time to Brooklyn!

We got off the subway at the Brooklyn Bridge station near Dumbo. I really wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge but we didn't have enough time & again, I was feeling horrible!

But the main reason I wanted to go to Dumbo was for the pizza!

We have a Grimaldi's in Sugar Land & it is my absolute favorite pizza!

So I really wanted to go to the original one.

But... I had read that the original owners had sold Grimaldi's & opened another pizza place right next door called Juliana's. So we decided to try to Juliana's so I could compare the two.

Juliana's pizza was just as yummy as Grimaldi's! 
Unfortunately, since I was still sick to my stomach, I only ate about 1/2 a slice. I didn't even get to savor the deliciousness that I had so been looking forward to. What an awful day to be sick!!!

After lunch, we walked down the street to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a better look at the bridge

and the fabulous views of Manhattan.

Look closely & you can see the Statue of Liberty!

As we were walking back to the subway station, 
we stopped at Cadman Plaza Park

to make a snowman

and snow angels.

After that, we rode the subway back to our hotel, got our luggage & headed to the airport.

When we got to the airport, I found out that the flight was overbooked & I did not have a seat. I did end up getting on the flight, but I had to sit by myself & I still felt horrible. It was an awful experience & I was so glad once we landed. I dropped everyone off at Susan's house & then drove the hour home & slept until 11am the next day!

Minus the food poisoning & the off Broadway play, this was such a fun trip! I had been wanting to go to New York ever since I missed the last trip & had been begging Nick to go with me. He wasn't interested in going but now that he's seen all there is to do, he's up for going back with me! So yay, I see another NYC vacation in my future!

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