Friday, June 8, 2012


I've decided to start doing a weekly blogpost called Insta-Friday. The idea comes from another blog called Life Rearranged.

Basically the concept is to only post pictures that were taken this week on my phone. Some of these I have posted on Instagram & others I have not. I like this idea because I take A LOT of pictures on my phone & this is an easy way for me to make sure I get them all posted on here.

So here you are, our life this week via Robin's iPhone...

Day 1 of Instagram a Day June: Yellow...  While at my mom's on Saturday, I took this picture of a sunflower growing in her backyard. Isn't it beautiful! And she didn't even plant it, it grew from birdseeds!

Guess what AWESOME song I heard on 90s on 9 on Saturday... That's right... Ice Ice Baby by Mr. Vanilla Ice himself!
I could sing it to you if you really want me to because I remember all the words. You know you do too, lol!... Alright, stop, colloborate & listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention!

Sunday evening I walked in on this... Nick & the kids making cupcakes. And not just regular cupcakes, but Funfetti cupcakes with Hershey kisses in them. Oh were they good!

Day 4: Vegetables... My lunch before & after. I cut up a zucchini, a few tomatoes (that came from my mom's garden) & some spinach. I sauteed them in olive oil and then I added in some sliced grilled chicken, hot pepper garlic sauce & a little pasta sauce. I put that over sliced french bread, sprinkled it with Parmesan cheese & baked it in the oven for a couple minutes to make it crispy. Delicious!!

Wednesday we were playing in the sprinkler in the backyard. Addy grabbed the baby pool & dragged it over to the swingset. And made herself a water slide! GENIUS!

My sweet boy ran up to me & said "Look mommy, I picked you a unicorn flower!" It's really a weed, but whatever, it was the most beautiful weed in the world to me!

Alex is such a smartie. Just like Addy, he loves the alphabet. Here he is writing it with sidewalk chalk.

Day 6: The letter J... Pretty much at any time of the day, you can walk into my house & find letters all over the ground. Fabric, foam, paper, plastic... We have them all!

Thursday morning, I started running on the treadmill but I couldn't hear the TV. So I stopped it & slid off the back. But as I was slidding off, my foot slid under the back cover & ripped the skin off. Here's my bleeping foot... (Bleeping is what Alex calls bleeding.) And this bleeping foot bleeping HURT!

You know how you blow on your food when it's too hot... Well this is the way that Alex does it. He uses a straw, lol.

We went to the pool on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & again on Thursday.

We were at the pool on Thursday for literally like 5 minutes before it thundered. The lifeguards made everyone get out of the pool for 20 minutes. So we went to the playground by the pool to wait it out. Right before the 20 minutes were up, it thundered again so we ended up going home instead of swimming :( 

Day 7: Strike a pose... Nick & his MySpace face (as Jessica called it.)

So there you go... A few highlights of our week through the lens of my phone.

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