Friday, June 29, 2012


It's Friday again... So that means it's time for me to share what's been going on this week through the eyes of my iPhone.

Sunday nap time for my boys

Day 24: laying around the house... That's what this sweet cat does best!

Both Addy & Alex were sick all this week. On Monday I brought them both to the doctor. Alex's nose started bleeding on the way & he smeared it all over his face. Luckily, I thought to grab a whole bag of baby wipes before leaving the house, just in case... Good thing I did because the backseat of my car looked like a crime scene!

Addy had a 103.4 fever when we got to the doctor's office.
She obviously wasn't feeling very well.

Day 26: Joy... These 2 little people bring me so much joy! And sometimes they even bring each other joy, lol! Like when they're snuggling up in bed watching cartoons.

The kids were starting to feel a little better on Wednesday so we decided to make paper plate masks. Alex the Lion says Grrrr.

Addy the elephant

Day 27: the letter K... Thursday morning Alex told me, "Let's go outside Mommy & practice writing our letters." So we did. Here's a K, L, A & E that he wrote.

And his name!

Nick scraped his elbow & asked me to get him a band-aid. So Addy ran & got her doctor's kit & fixed Daddy right up!

Daddy didn't think his injury was bad enough to need a sling, so Alex offered to wear it.

And while the doctor kit was out, Doctor Daddy had to give Bailey his daily check up!

Nurse Addy assisted in giving Bailey his shots.

Today, the kids are really starting to feel better. Addy has actually been awake & out of her bed for the whole day! (First day all week that she hasn't taken a nap!) So I thought it would be fun to paint using some of her new art supplies that she got for her birthday.

Painting an apple tree

Alex said this is a painting of Clay at the playground! He misses his friend :(

Addy & Alex's beautiful masterpieces

And Addy & I worked on this one together.

I'm so glad the kids are finally starting to feel better. Hopefully next week we'll be able to get out of the house again!

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