Friday, June 15, 2012


 This week we had a mini vacation in Beaumont before our real vacation to Florida next week. We did lots of fun stuff & I have lots of pictures from my phone to show you on this Insta-Friday!

Saturday -Addy making Bailey, aka Bawee, aka Gilbert pose for a picture. She held his head to look at the camera & said "Ok Gilbert, say cheese!" That poor cat!

Addy likes to play in her room because she can shut the door & trap Bailey inside play with Bailey. And Alex likes to play in Addy's room, well, because Addy likes to play in her room. I went to go check on the kids & found this.... A sweet little boy sitting in Addy's bed reading a book to Diego, Pablo & Uniqua.

On Sunday we went swimming. Addy was a scary monster... Booga Booga Boo!
We stayed for a couple of hours, but she didn't want to leave :(

Neither did he!!!

Nick had to be in training for work Monday thu Friday so I packed up the kids & we went to Beaumont for the week. This time we brought Bailey with us.

On Tuesday, CiCi & I brought Addy, Alex, Hannah & Peyton to the Piccadilly Circus at the Beaumont Civic Center. They were excited to go & raced to the entrance.

There were some loud booms & bangs during the circus & they scared Alex. He crawled up in Hannah's lap for a little bit, and then in mine, & then in CiCi's.

The circus was OK, not great, but not horrible either. Some of the acts were the motorcycle cage riders, a couple clown acts, a cute little horsey act & a girl in a cage that turned into a white tiger! Still not sure how they did that!
Wednesday we met Brooke, Boone, Charlie & Hannah at Chuck E Cheese.

When we cashed in the tickets, all Alex wanted was 3 boxes of pink Nerds. He started eating them one at a time, but Hannah showed him the way cool people eat Nerds!

I took the kids & Hannah to Rogers Park for a little while. It was really hot so we didn't stay that long.

Wednesday night, I met Kelli, one of my BFFs, at Pei Wei for dinner. It was so great to see her, I don't think we've gotten together in about 6 months which is WAY TOO LONG!

Then we went over to Winestyles & had a glass of a yummy moscato wine.

On Thursday, we met Brooke & her kiddos & Hannah again at the Beaumont Library for storytime. Alex sat by Hannah & listened to the stories & sang along.

Addy, she was not as interested in storytime. But she did enjoy making the monkey craft.

After storytime, I took the kids to Toys R Us to look at presents for Addy's birthday. We weren't even there for a whole minute before Alex was loaded down with toys that he wanted... A hula hoop, a pool noodle & a Madagascar 3 stuffed zebra.

Friday, June 15th was Addy's 6th birthday! I had to go back home to meet up with Nick & get everything packed up for Florida. So I left the kids with MawMaw & Granddaddy for the night. Addy got to have one of her presents (she'll open the rest when we get back from Florida), a Caillou doll. Sadly, Caillou bumped his knees & Addy had to make sure he was ok.

Alex also got a toy for Addy's birthday, a Chuggington train set.

We're leaving for Florida on Sunday so stay tuned for some great photos next week!!!

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