Thursday, June 7, 2012

Instagram a Day in May

Remember back in January when I partcipated in Instagram a Day. Well, I tried in Feb & March & also in April, but I didn't complete those. Matter of fact, I didn't even come close to completing those months. But May was a success! I posted a picture for everyday of the month. (Notice I didn't say that I posted a picture everyday, but that I said I posted one FOR everyday. Some days I forgot & had to play catch up by posting 2 or 3 pictures in one day. But it still counts!) And so here you go, here are all my Instagram a Day in May pictures...

Day 1: Peace...this is how I feel in my home.

Day2: Skyline...Sienna skyline

Day 3: Something I wore today...sunglasses (btw, Alex took this picture)

Day 4: Fun...Me, my mom & sisters being silly & having fun!

Day 5: birds...grilled birds

Day 6: Me!

Day 7: Someone that inspires you...This little girl inspires me to be the best mom that I can be for her!

Day 8: A smell you adore...I love the smell of Gain laundry detergent.

Day 9: something I do everyday

Day 10: a favorite word... sale! And clearance is an even better word!

Day 11: this is my kitchen

Day 12: something that makes you happy... a clean house makes me happy

Day 13: mom... I'm the mom to this sweet little boy!

Day 14: Grass... grass on the Sienna golf course

Day 15: Love... I love love love these 2 kids!

Day 16: what I'm reading

Day 17: something I made... Addy's headboard

Day 18: snack

Day 19: my favorite place... Kailua beach, Oahu. I plan on going back soon!
Day 20: something I can't live without... air conditioning

Day 21: where you stand (ok, ok, I skipped this one... I don't know where I stand, lol)

Day 22: pink... a pretty pink petunia growing in my backyard

Day 23: technology... makes doctors appointments much much easier!

Day 24: something new...I got this cup from Addy's teacher.

Day 25: unusual... Addy taking a nap is very unusual.

Day 26: 12 oclock... Getting a car wash at noon

Day 27: something sweet...the best ice cream in the world

Day 28: the weather today... It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Day 29: Numbers... I needed a workout like this today! Go me!

Day 30: my personality... I think this represents my personality pretty well... I'm sunny & bright & happy that it's summer!

Day 31: something beautiful... My beautiful girl on her last day of Kindergarten.

And there you have them!
We're 7 days into June & so far I've been doing good on the Instagram a Day for June.
And once again, if you don't have Instagram, you really should get it.

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