Saturday, March 9, 2013


I'm sure you've all heard of Kids Say the Darnest Things. Well Alex is a kid & he definitely says some of the darnest things! So sometimes, when he really makes me laugh, I jot down what he said, & now I'm putting them all together in this post.

So here of some of Alex's darnest things...

Playing in the mud in the backyard....
Alex: "Look how dirty my foot is."
Me: "Oohh yuck "
Alex: "It's not gross, it's just from the bayou!"
My garden gnome was lying on the back porch with a piece of his hat broken off. It looked as if someone had dropped him....
Alex "Look at your gnome mommy. It's broken."
Me: "Oh no. I wonder who broke it."
Alex: "It was probably just a woodpecker!"
Alex: "Mommy, can I wear that bow so I can be pretty like Addy?"
Alex tells a joke & then says "Now that's a funny joke!"
Me: "We need to go get Addy from school."
Alex: "Can you go pick her up in 5 weeks?"
Trying to get something of the shelf in the pantry....
Alex: "Mommy, can you help me? I can't reach that with my beautiful hands!"
Trying to get Alex to sit down for dinner...
Me: "Go sit by Addy."
Alex: "No, I can see her from the playroom with my really great eyesight."
While I was looking on Amazon for nativity sets, Alex saw this one & told me he wanted it. I asked him if he knew what it was & he said "Yea, it's a hoedown!"
Alex tooted...
Alex: "What was that noise? Oh yea, it was just my rooter tooter machine!"
While shopping at Target, Alex stops & grabs a pair of velvet green pumps. 
He puts them on & says "These are just my style." 
He couldn't walk in them though, so he took them off & grabbed another pair.
He said "Well, they have a bow & they're flat, so they'll work."
One day Alex asked me if I remember that parade we went to. I couldn't remember ever bringing him to a parade & could not figure out what he was talking about. So I asked him some questions about it.
Me: "What was the parade for?"
Alex: "A celebration!"
Me: "What were we celebrating?"
Alex: "Kwanzaa"
After several more questions, it turns out it was the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event at Reliant Park, which to a 3 year old could totally seem like a parade. (And apparently a Kwanzaa celebration too!)
Nick was out of town last week. Alex grabbed a notebook & marker & said
"I'm on the case of the missing daddy."
He then proceeded to interview me to solve his case...
Alex: "When was the last time you saw Daddy?"
Me: "Yesterday."
Alex: "What was he doing when you last saw him?"
Me: " Getting in his car & driving away."
Alex: "What did he say?"
Me: "I love you & I'll see you tomorrow."
Alex: "Hmmm. I think I see a clue."
Then he jotted some stuff down in his notebook & went & grabbed one of Nick's ties from the closet. That was the clue.
Alex ran out of my room like this & said "Mommy, I'm a jewelry pirate!"

As you can tell, Alex is one silly little boy who keeps me very entertained. I sure am lucky to be his mom!

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