Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Party Time

Alex is at that age where he is specific about what he wants. So this year he wanted to have a party at our house & to invite all his friends. But since we had already signed up to run the Gusher the weekend before his birthday & Nick's mom was going to have to work the weekend after his birthday, I decided that he would just have to have 2 parties... a family party in Lumberton & a friend party at our house.

So on March 9th (just 4 hours after running the Gusher half marathon) we celebrated Alex's birthday with our families with a Transformers party! (And yes, we were crazy to have those on the same day!)

And since it was such a long day, I made sure that it was a very low key, low stress party!

We sang 'Happy Birthday' to Alex 

and then everyone ate some cookie cake. 
(GACC won't draw licensed characters on their cookie cakes, so I looked online & found a way to make a  Transformer logo out of melted chocolate. I think it turned out pretty great, minus the cracks where Nick broke it!)

I think Chloe might have even had a little cake!

Alex opened his presents & loved everything that he got.

Especially his new Transformers bike!

The adults chatted, the kids played and everyone had a great time!

On Wednesday, March 13th, we had Alex's second birthday party at our house. We invited all his friends from his playgroup.

They played inside


and jumped on the trampoline (that he got for his birthday.)

We sang 'Happy Birthday' to Alex 

and then the kids decorated & ate some cupcakes.

It was another successful birthday party!

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