Friday, March 22, 2013

We Ran a Half!

Nick & I ran in the Gusher on Saturday, March 9th. It was our very first half marathon!  (Btw, that's 13.1 miles for those of you who don't know!)

Here are a few pictures from the run...

And here we are after the run with our medals! (After all that hard work, I was pretty proud of that bad boy & was showing it off! Obviously Nick was not as proud because he has his in his pocket for some reason.)

I finished a little before Nick with a chip time of 1:56:46 which was a 8:54 pace. That's slower than my usual pace but I ran a much longer distance than usual. (And was running against a very strong wind!) And I met my goal which was to be under a 9 minute mile. I finished 8th in my division (out of 63), 24th female (out of 255) & 95th overall (out of 475.)

Nick did awesome & finished with 2:15:35 chip time & a 10:21 pace. He came in 26th in his division (out of 40), 145th male (out of 220) & 228th overall (out of 475.)

Nick and I had both said that this was probably going be our only half marathon, but after the extreme pain all over my body, even in muscles that I didn't know existed soreness wore off, we've agreed that we would be up for another one!

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