Friday, June 5, 2015

Girl Scout Spring Fling 2015

A couple of weekends ago, our Girl Scout troop went to Spring Fling, which is our community camping weekend. This is our 3rd year in Girl Scouts & our 3rd year to go to Spring Fling. 

The past 2 years, Spring Fling was held at Camp Windemere in Alvin. But this year, it was at Camp Pryor in Nada, TX, which is near El Campo.
(And a much further drive from Sienna!)

We arrived at camp around 9:30 am. I stepped out of my truck, put my rain boots on & then opened the back door for the kids. 10 seconds later, one of the girls comes running out of the cabin telling me that Addy touched a mouse! WHAT!!! Yes, there were field mice in the cabin & Addy touched one!
(We got the ranger to take care of the mouse situation while we were at our sessions.)

Mr. Mouse was the first, but definitely not the last of nature's precious wild animals that we encountered that day!

After unloading, it was time to head over to the main lodge for our first Brownie session of the day.

Which was making SWAPS

and yarn dolls.

After our first session, we had a break. 
So we headed back to the cabin to eat lunch 

& play.

Our second session was races. 

The girls had relay races, sac racks, egg races & more.

Addy wasn't too interested in the games though so she chose to play on the benches instead.

Our third session was songs & games.

The girls learned a few camp songs & then played with hula hoops

and a game of Little Sally Walker.

Our fourth session was Addy's favorite... Reptiles!

I should have been called snakes though because there was one turtle & about a million snakes!

The girls got to touch

and pet

and even wear the snakes as necklaces!

Addy was in snake heaven!

She even let this albino Burmese python give her a kiss!

As this snake session was starting, I decided it was one that I wouldn't be sad to miss (since the sight of a snake totally freaks me out!) so I went to get a few things out of my car which was parked on the other side of a wooded area. As I'm walking down the dirt road (which I & 100s of girls had been walking down all day) towards my car, I came across a huge snake crossing the road! AHHH! I froze & I swear, it turned & looked at me! And so I QUICKLY turned around & ran as fast as I could (in rainboots) back to the main lodge! I'm pretty sure I was hyperventilating! Luckily I have an awesome co-leader who is not afraid of snakes & she came to the rescue & collected the needed items from my car as I returned to the reptile/snake session. Tame snakes in a controlled environment are definitely better than wild snakes that look at you!

Our fifth & final station of the day was water & shaving cream activities.

I think Addy may have mistaken the shaving cream for sunscreen though! LOL

This was a super cool water activity! 
The girls used metal garbage cans as drums. 

and as they beat the tops, paint mixed with water splashed all over them.

I think they all thought it was a lot of fun & they all got super dirty!

I'm not ready for Addy to camp overnight yet (Who am I kidding, I'm not ready for myself to camp overnight yet either!) so our day ended around 4:00.

Of course as we were leaving, Addy had to make one last trek through the puddles. Thank goodness for rain boots!

We had one other Girl Scout leave with us. 
The rest of our troop stayed the night & left the next day.

Maybe one day Addy & I will be ready for that, but until then, we'll just keep on having fun day camping!

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