Friday, June 26, 2015

My Baby Girl is NINE!

Addy's 9th birthday was Monday, June 15th.
She turned 9 years old!!!
How can that be?!?

Here are a few things about Addy at age 9.

And here's how we spent her special day...

We sang Happy Birthday to her & then had cookie cake for breakfast!

She opened her presents & then we played with some of them.

And we went to Sky Zone!

She said she had a great day!

Little did she know, I had one more surprise in store for her for her birthday...

A horseback riding lesson!

A week after her birthday, I took her to the stables here in Sienna for a beginners lesson.

This is the horse that she rode. His name is Hunter.
She walked with him to the arena.

Mounted him.

And after a quick lesson on how to use the reins, they took off!

Just on a walk though.

No trotting, cantering or galloping. 
Even though Addy really really wanted to go FAST 
& kept saying "Giddy up Hunter!"

And then after riding the horse, she spent a little time petting him.

Addy just loves ALL animals so so much & so she had the best time with this lesson!

Happy birthday Addy Monster! I hope you got everything you wanted & more!

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