Friday, June 12, 2015

SOE Awards Days

Alex's Kindergarten awards were on Wednesday, May 27th.
The awards started with the students singing a cute little song called Dinosaur Stomp (or something like that.)
Every single child in the class was singing & dancing.
Every single one except for Alex.
He just stood there.
As the kids sang "turn around," they all turned around.
Every single one except my child!
As I was witnessing this, I thought 'Oh no, he's in a bad mood!'
But... As soon as the song ended & all the kids sat down, he looked over at me, smiled & gave me a thumbs up!
(Apparently he wasn't singing or dancing because he doesn't like that song.)

Then it was time for the awards...
Each child in his class received a Promotion to 1st Grade award & 1 student got perfect attendance for the year! (And no, it was not Alex.)

Then the kids celebrated with donuts!

After the donut, Alex went around the room taking pictures with his classmates,

his teacher

and of course, his best girl!

Addy's 2nd grade awards were the following Tuesday, June 2nd.

Her class started off with each kid going in front of the classroom & reading their 2nd grade memories.

Addy talked really softly, so if you couldn't hear her, this is what she said...
My favorite thing about 2nd grade is playing outside.
I learned about drawings.
I will miss 2nd grade because I'm sick.
In 3rd grade, I hope to go to another field trip.

Then her teacher called them up one at a time to get their certificate. Each child got one certificate with all their awards printed on it. Addy's awards were...
Promotion to 3rd Grade
A/B Honor Roll (She only got 1 B all year long!)
Super Speller
Academic Excellence in Social Studies
& Texas Reader's Club.

And then Mrs. D'Oench announced the awards that the class had voted on, which for Addy was Most Artistic Girl :)

And then of course, all the kiddos wanted to take pictures together.

Both the kids had such great classes this year! 
Here's hoping next year will be just as great if not better!

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