Friday, August 19, 2011

Bounce Zone

Last Friday, the 12th, I took the kids to one of their favorite places, Bounce Zone in Beaumont.
They had lots of fun sliding, bouncing & playing in the arcade.

Addy wanted to play the driving game in the arcade.
She loved it!
But Alex did not!
Eddie was holding him up so he could see Addy driving. But Addy's driving REALLY STRESSED Alex out! Check out this look on his face. He was yelling, saying "Whoa, look out Addy! Stop! STOPPPPPPP!!!!" Over & over again. (Btw, he's a total back seat driver in my car!)
It was hilarious watching this. I was crying from laughing so much.
The kids played air hockey together.

A little later, Addy decided she wanted to play the driving game again. She sat down & started, Alex looked at her (look at his expression in this picture) & then took off to the other room of Bounce Zone. Apparently the first time she played was too stressful for him, he couldn't just couldn't watch her play again!

After we had played for about an hour, Alex came up to me & told me "That's enough!" & then he walked to the door. He was all played out & ready to go!

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