Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Nick left on Saturday for a week (for work, of course.) So to keep myself distracted I decided to organize! I started with cleaning out my closet. MAJOR purging & organizing took place! (So if you want to look through my bags of stuff I'm getting rid of, just let me know.) Then I moved on to organizing & cleaning out Addy's & Alex's closets & dressers and rearranging their rooms a little. And then the bathroom closet & the trunk at the end of my bed. And then, I IRONED!! Curtains, curtains and yep, more curtains! (If you know me, that's a big deal. I don't iron, ever, anything. Matter of fact, if my shorts ever need a slight pressing of the cuff, I use my chi iron, lol. Sad but true.) And before I knew it, 3 days had passed, Yay!

On Tuesday, Maryse & my wonderful in-laws came over. Maryse & I went to the Ke$ha "Get Sleazy" concert in the Woodlands while Pat & Eddie watched the kiddos for me. My friend Britany & her stepson Blake went to the concert with us. I could have done without the opening group LMFAO, but Ke$ha was fantastic!

And today we went to the Houston Museum on Natural Science. Alex was excited to go see the dinosaurs. I think it was a little overwhelming for the kids. So much to see & some of the stuff was a little over their heads. But the dinosaur bones were definitley cool & of course, Addy loved the animals of the savannah. While we were looking at the lions, another little boy walked up to look & Alex told him, "No, go away." Lol! He thinks he's the boss of everyone! And while we were looking at the gems, Alex kept saying "Let's get out of here." He ovbiously wasn't impressed by them. We only spent about an hour at the museum, but I still had a good time. And thank you Molly for the free tickets!


"Look mommy, zebras!"
Shark teeth!!
a giant clam
Ok so, there was a movie of the building of the museum playing on a lcd tv. It was playing in a super fast speed & Addy was ENTRANCED by it. I had to literally pull her away from it.
the pendulum
watching a virtual reality movie where you are flying through a valley with dinosuars

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