Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maryse Moves In

Last weekend, a big change happened in our home. Maryse moved in with us! Yay, we're all so excited about this! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE having her here.

It's been 1 week and I think everything is going great. We (Maryse & I, with a little help from Addy & Alex) spent most of yesterday painting her room. One wall is red, 2 are white & one is black chalkboard paint. It looks really good. We bought her a desk & a couple of bookshelves & a new comforter for her bed. We're still working on all the wall hangings & knicknacks though. I'll post some pictures when we have it all complete.

And tomorrow, she starts her new high school! She will be a Ridgepoint Panther. She'll be going to the new high school in Sienna. It opened last year & is HUGE! I know she is excited but also nervous to be the "new kid." She is such a sweet & personable girl though, so I know that everyone is going to love her!

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