Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Open House

With Addy & Maryse at school all day, you would think I would have more free time (like time to update my blog.) But I'm finding that is NOT the case. I feel like I'm busier than ever! Getting the kids to & from school, working out, making breakfast & lunch for Alex & myself, bringing Addy to her speech & occupational therapy appointments twice a week, helping with homework & all the other school activites that I need to attend. And tonight, we had one of those activites....
Open house for Maryse.

Nick had a headache, so he stayed home with Addy & Alex while Maryse & I attended her open house.  Let me start by saying, Ridgepoint High School is HUGE! It makes Vidor High (my alma mater & Maryse's former school) look quite puny. And it's only 1 year old so its super nice & super CLEAN! I was very impressed!

Maryse brought me to 6 of her 7 classes & introduced me to her teachers. (Her Spanish teacher wasn't there.) It seems like she has some great teachers this year, especially Coach Adams, her World History teacher who is her favorite! (I didn't want to embarrass her TOO much, so I didn't take any pictures of her teachers, lol.)

Looks like she's going to have a great year at Ridgepoint High!

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