Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Last night the kids & I went on a nature scavenger hunt.

I made up a list of items to look for & printed it out.
Addy grabbed the list, Alex hopped in the wagon & we were ready to go explore the neighborhood. I knew we wouldn't be able to collect everything (like the clouds) so I brought my camera & took pictures of all the items, so I guess it was really a photo nature scavenger hunt.
We didn't find everything on our list, but we definitely looked high & low for them.
We searched the ground for rocks & grass & we looked high in the sky searching for clouds, birds & nests. Here's what we found...
a tree
a flower
a stick (which is great for drawing in the dirt)
We didn't find a turtle on our scavenger hunt, but we found this one on our front porch.
So Addy & I decided it counted!

We even found some nature items not on our scavenger hunt list,
but worth taking a photo of.
a lake
a magnolia cone (don't know what these are really called)
a tree stump (that is perfect for sitting on)
some kind of cool looking tree root
a tree that has been cut right down to the ground
(would this still be considered a tree stump??)
the sky as the sun was setting
the ground is so dry that there are big holes in it
I was expecting to find clovers around the school fence, but it looks like FBISD is getting ready for school because the playground was freshly mowed. Not good for our scavenger hunt :( but good for the kids since we stopped and played for about 45 minutes.
Addy pushing Alex on the swing. (What a sweet sister!)
Addy pretending she was a bird.

We had so much fun last night, that tonight when we left for our walk, Addy grabbed her list again & made me bring the camera. Here are a few pictures from tonight's scavenger hunt...

And guess what, we finally found a clover, Yay!!

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