Thursday, October 27, 2011

Up & Coming

Maryse's high school, Ridge Point, does not have a senior class since it is only in its 2nd year. So instead of having homecoming this year, they had 'Up & Coming.' (Basically the same thing, just with a different name!)

There was a different theme every day last week to dress up at school. The weekend before Up & Coming, one of Maryse's friends from Vidor was in a tragic accident & passed away. Because of that, she did not feel very festive on Monday & did not participate in dressing up for 'Hillbilly Day'. Tuesday was 'Battle of the Classes' where each grade wore a different color. Maryse is a sophomore (crazy, I know!!!) and they wore green. She was starting to feel a little better & so she did participate by wearing a green shirt.  And I think she began to see just how involved some of the other kids got in dressing up & so she wanted to participate even more.

I took her shopping Tuesday afternoon so we could make her an outfit for 'ABC - Anything But Clothes' Day. (Of course, they had to have clothes underneath!) We bought a couple rolls of leopard print duct tape & wrapped a shirt in it. On Wednesday ,she wore the shirt with some black leggings, blue jean shorts & boots & then put a black wrap shirt around the top. It looked kind of like a leather shirt. It turned out so cute!!

Thursday was Purple Pride day. Maryse wore her purple Panthers shirt, a purple bandana (or washcloth as one of her friends calls it) & painted a purple paw print on her cheek. Thursday night was the Up & Coming JV football game. I dropped her & Bailey (her friend, not the cat) off at the game & they met some more friends up there.

(Yes, there is an empty picture frame hanging on my wall! Alex threw a ball & broke the glass & I still haven't replaced it!)

Friday was Neon Day. I made Maryse a shirt from a neon iron on that I bought at Hobby Lobby. She wore the shirt with a green bandana, neon rainbow earrings & sprayed her hair with red, orange & blue glittery hair paint. I also bought her a neon blue feather boa & she wrapped it around her backpack. She looked really great & she said she got lots of compliments on her hair!

And Saturday night was the big Up & Coming dance. Maryse & Bailey got ready here at our house & both looked beautiful! Bailey's boyfriend Chris picked them up & they went with a group of friends to a hibachi grill in Sugar Land & then to the dance at their high school.

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