Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alex & Mommy Play Dates

While the girls are in school, Alex and I like to go shopping, on lunch dates, to the movie, to the playground & of course lots of times we just stay & play at home! (Disclaimer: All these pictures were taken on my phone so they might not be the BEST quality.)

While shopping at Hobby Lobby, Alex put on this hat & decided to check out the letter patches.

Lunch at La Madeline

Alex LOVES the strawberry lemonade at Chilis

Marble Slab - Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles mixed in & a sprinkle cone

Bee's Creek Grill has a whole lot of quarter toy machines. Alex loves them.

watching the Lion King in 3D - About halfway thru Alex told me "Mommy, let's go home. It's just too scary!"


Look Mommy, a big stick!

At The Stomping Grounds, an indoor playground in Sugar Land

playing in the sandbox in the backyard

my little clown

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