Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fun for the Family

We had so much fun with our 101 Summer Activities list that I decided to make one for the fall. (Matter of fact, I think this is going to be a new Strickland tradition!) I'm calling it our Fall Fun for the Family! Alex & I will do some of these things with just the two of us but I really want the whole family to do as much of these activities together as we can. So that means that we're going to have some very busy weekends!

And here is our list:
Go to the zoo
Go to the Stomping Grounds
Go trick or treating
Go to Bounce Zone
Go to the Showboat Drive In
Go to the Bayou Wildlife Park
Paint our faces
Go to the movies
Make fall crafts
Go to the library
Go to Dewberry Farms
Make spin art
Go to the Children's Museum
Go to the Glazery
Take a class at Gymboree
Play with our cousins
Go to the Matt Family Orchard
Attend a fall festival
Go to a pumpkin patch
Make rice krispie treats
Have lunch with Daddy
Carve pumpkins
Go to TGR Exotics
Go to a Gymtex class
Play hopscotch
Make cookies
Paint pumpkins
Make cupcakes
Go to Gattitown
Playdate with Clay
Go to Chuck E Cheese
Go to the Ft. Bend County Fair - (We had to miss the fair because of Addy's knee.)

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