Thursday, October 6, 2011


We have had so much going on since we got back from Hawaii that I really haven't had time for blogging. So let me catch you up with what we've been doing lately...

First & foremost has been Addy's knee. Right before we left for Hawaii, the ortho said she was ok & could take the brace off. Well, while we were gone she regressed & completely stopped walking. Since we've been back, she hasn't walked at all. So far she's seen her pediatrician & 4 orthos regarding her knee & she's had 3 sets of x rays, an MRI, blood work done, an evaluation for physical therapy & next week she's having a complete body bone scan. (You can see how that has been keeping us busy, right!?!) The ortho we are seeing now is with Texas Children's and I feel like he is finally doing something. He ordered the blood work & the bone scan. And he actually put her on medicine, a pain med & an anti inflammatory. It seems like a REALLY SIMPLE solution that 3 other orthos didn't do! And I am already seeing a difference in her. She's still not walkiing yet, but she is sitting up more & not fussing as much when someone moves her. The bone scan is scheduled for Monday. She will be completely sedated & we should have the results by the mid to end of next week. As long as it comes out clear (& I'm confident that it will) then we will continue her on her current meds & start physical therapy & hopefully having her up walking very very soon!

Today was parent/teacher conference day at Addy's elementary school. I had a great conference with both Mrs. Cochran & Mrs. Cardenas. You all know that I was really worried about putting Addy in school this year (for several reasons that I won't go into now.) But it sounds like all my fears were unfounded! Both her teachers were bragging on her so much! They had nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about my sweet Addy. Like how well she has adjusted to the daily routine and that she is crazy smart (which of course we already knew!!!)  And that she does her work & is even a great motivator to the other kids because she gets her work done so fast. And how all the kids in the class love her & want to know when she's going to be better so she can play with them. And that the girls in class argue over who gets to sit by Addy at lunch. And how Addy is starting to play with the other kids & starting to talk back to the other kids (that's what we call a conversation folks!!!!!  even though it is just the beginning stages of a conversation I am still super pumped!) And what a great artist she is & how sweet she is & once again JUST HOW DANG SMART SHE IS!!!!  I am just so excited for Addy & all the progress that she has made! Go Addy!

Something else that has been going on lately is that Britany & I started a small playgroup in Sienna. I put an ad on the Sienna parents yahoo group & she started us a facebook group page. So far we've had 4 other moms & tots join us for a playdate & we've had 2 other moms that have emailed us but haven't made it to a playdate yet. Alex is the oldest kid, but not by much. Clay is just 6 months younger than Alex & there are 2 other kids right about Clay's age. We are meeting once a week & so far we've gone to the Stomping Grounds (an indoor playground), Britany's house & one of our Sienna playgrounds. Alex is having such a good time & he gets really excited when I tell him we're going to play with Clay. Matter of fact, tonight Alex & I went to the playground at Addy's school before dinner & I told him it was time to go & maybe tomorrow we could see if Clay wants to go to the playground with us. Alex said "Yea Mommy, I need to call Clay." Lol!

And what else has been happening lately... Well Maryse seems to be all settled in & has a group of friends that she's been hanging out with. She goes over to her friend Bailey's house after school sometimes & goes to the football games with her. Sunday they're going to go shopping for dresses for the "Up & Coming" (homecoming) dance. And yes, Maryse does have a date to homecoming (and another boy asked her yesterday too) and she said he's already got her mum & everything! Anyway, I'm excited for her & I'm really glad that she's getting out & doing things with her friends just like teenagers should do! Driver's Ed was supposed to start on Monday but the class here in Sienna was canceled & with Addy's therapy schedule there is no way I could get her to another class 4 days a week. So I signed her up for parent taught driver's ed & as soon as we get the packet in the mail, I will be teaching it to her!

This past weekend Alex, then Addy got a stomach bug. Addy had it the worst & ran fever but it only lasted for about 24 hours. And then I got it yesterday. Luckily, Nick took good care of the kids for me so that I could take a nap & then lay around all evening & when I woke up this morning I was better! Yay, because I'm not a good sick person. I tell myself & try to force myself to be ok, but it just doesn't work :(

And of course, we've been trying to go for walks as much as possible. Alex LOVES to go walking & he always wants to walk the whole way! And since the weather has been a little cooler we've been walking to the playground at Addy's school in the evenings. (As soon as I walked in the door from bringing Addy to OT & speech today Alex told me that we needed to go to the playground! So we did!)

 And of course I can't lie, it's the fall, so all our TV shows are back on! So instead of blogging at night when everyone is asleep, I have to catch up on Gossip Girl & Grey's Anatomy!

I guess that's about all for now. Hopefully things will settle down just a bit, Addy will get better & I'll get back on the blogging ball!

Until next time...

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