Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ted the Turtle

Tuesday afternoon I picked up Addy from school just like usual. As I was driving through the parking lot, I saw a great big turtle! Of course you all know Addy LOVES animals & I didn't want the turtle to get ran over, so I stopped & picked him up. We brought him home, feed him a little lettuce, (named him Tommy, then Ted & then Teddy) & put him in a box while I took Addy to therapy. When we got back home, Maryse, Addy, Alex & I walked over to the lake & brought Ted the Turtle back to his home.

Look at that face!

Addy really liked the turtle!

feeding the turtle

Maryse was amazed at how big this guy was!

Addy wanted to hold the turtle.

Alex did too!

Maryse gave Alex a piggy back ride on the way to the lake.

releasing him back to his home

Alex waving bye bye to the turtle.

So Ted the Turle is now living back in the lake by our house. We saw him yesterday sunbathing. (Well, at least I think it was him, lol.) And we also saw a baby alligator yesterday too. I told Maryse not to worry, that's one animal I'm not going to bring home!!

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