Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dewberry Farms

Last Sunday, October 30th, Nick & I took the kids to Dewberry Farms. It's in Brookshire, TX which is about a 45 minute drive from our house. There are lots & lots of fun things for the whole family to enjoy!

Upon arriving, the first thing we did was walk through the barn & look at all the animals! I'm sure you know who wanted to do this first!!!!

Addy & Nick looking at the goats.



Alex hanging on the fence while looking at the sheep. (He is all boy!)

baby chicks

Then we went to the duck pond. They swam right up to us!

I like his speckled head.

This is Serengeti. He is Addy's class pet at school. It was Addy's turn to bring Serengeti home for the weekend & so he went to Dewberry Farms with us. He had lots of fun!

Serengeti & Addy taking a picture.


Addy as the bus driver is checking on all of her students! & Alex will probably really hang out the window like this if he ever rides on a school bus!

About this time, Britany, Keith & Clay arrived & we walked out to the corn maze & navigated our way through it. (It wasn't very hard, btw)

Alex & Clay discussing which way to go, lol!

The drought (or maybe animals) seemed to have done some damage to the corn :(

Next we let the kids play in the flower patch. Sadly, a lot of the flowers were dead because of our horrible dry summer.

Alex picked a flower for Serengeti.


Britany & Clay

After the flower patch, we walked over to the pumpkin patch.
I tried to get a picture of both the kids (& Serengeti), but they wouldn't sit still long enough!

counting the pumpkins

At this point, both Nick & I were both pretty disappointed in Dewberry Farms. We had never been before & we were expecting a lot more. Alex really wanted to slide & play, so we walked over to the play area & our thoughts about Dewberry Farms changed! There are a ton of outdoor toys for the kids to play on that were a lot of fun.

Going down the Roller Slide

The Black Mamba tube swing

Corn Ball -this was Alex's FAVORITE!!! He wanted to do it over & over & over!
 You climb up on a bale of hay & jump off on a big bouncy ball that looks like a piece of corn.

Kidilla Hopper

Riding the train

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