Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Sweet Sixteen Maryse

Maryse turned 16 on Tuesday, November 22nd. CRAZY, I know!!!! Yes, she really is that old! Lol. We threw her a mini party at home on Monday night. I didn't plan ahead well, so all I had to put candles in was a piece of frozen pie. But it did the trick! We sang Happy Birthday to Maryse & Addy & Alex helped her blow out her 16 candles. And then she opened her presents.

Maryse's birthday pie

16 candles sure do make a lot of smoke, lol!

opening her presents

Tuesday (her actual birthday) was Maryse & Addy's last day of school before the Thanksgiving holidays. Maryse was begging to stay home. She said she had never had to go to school on her birthday before. Whaaa! Lol. But she went & she said that she got lots of birthday wishes from her friends. Her friend Breanne even brought her a bunch of cupcakes decorated to look like one big flower.

After school, Maryse, the kids & I headed to Beaumont for the Thanksgiving break. Nick met us at his parents house & then we all left to go to Maryse's birthday party. (I had asked Maryse what she wanted to do for her birthday & she said that she wanted EVERYONE to get together for a birthday dinner. And she wanted to have it at Golden Corral so that everyone would be able to eat food that they like. It was very very thoughtful & sweet of her to think of everyone else on HER birthday!) We stopped & picked up her cookie cake & then met everyone at Golden Corral. Her party turned out really nice. I think everyone had a great time!

Maryse wanted her own mini cookie cake.
We called this her "smash" cookie, lol.

Maryse's cookie cake

All the kids helped blow out her candles!

Maryse & her little sister Kali

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