Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spin Art

Back in March, Alex got a spin art kit for his birthday. (Thank you Liz & Joey!) I stashed it away in the top of my closet  (because I CAN'T leave paint in either of my children's reach) & then I kind of forgot about it. Well Addy recently noticed it & started asking to play with it. And we finally got a chance to last Sunday.

Addy & Alex put on their painting aprons & I took the spin art kit out on the back porch. I assumed that they would need help but boy was I wrong. They both figured out where the paper went, how to turn it on to make it spin & of course, how to squeeze the paint (that one was a no brainer!) They played so well together. They took turns making their own artwork & then they even worked together on some pieces. And of course, I had to have my turn to make my own spin art masterpiece, lol!

           One of Addy's masterpieces
     Alex's masterpiece

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