Sunday, November 6, 2011


Halloween was on a Monday this year. That means that Maryse & Addy had to go to school. But after they got out of school, we started our Halloween festivites! First we carved pumpkins & then we went trick or treating!

Alex & Addy painted pumpkins while Maryse & I carved some.

Alex painted a smiley face on his pumpkin.

And Addy painted "Hi"


My pumpkin before carving. Addy told me what kind of face she wanted the jack o lantern to have. Triangle eyes, a triangle nose, eyelashes, eyebrows & a sharp tooth smile.

And here it is carved!

I carved this pumpkin too!

This is the pumpkin that Maryse carved. She did an awesome job!!

After carving & painting pumpkins, it was timed to get dressed in our costumes & go trick or treating!
Since it was cold outside, the kids wore their warm costumes. Addy dressed as a pink butterfly & Alex dressed as a monkey. I wore my scarecrow costume but Alex said I was a farmer!

Addy went to about 7 or 8 houses & then she was ready to go home. So Nick took her home & Alex & I continued trick or treating around the neighborhood.

The cutest little monkey ever!!

The loot!

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