Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese PlayDate Party

Since I decided to have Alex's birthday party in Lumberton again this year, I wanted to have a small party here with his friends from playdate. So yesterday, we all met at Chuck E. Cheese for an afternoon of fun & games! It was the first time for all his friends to ever go to Chuck E. Cheese. (Crazy, because that's one of Alex's favorite places!)

 We met at Chuck E. Cheese at 11 & there was absolutely no one else there. So we basically had the place all to ourselves (well, minus the employees of course) for around an hour! That was great because the boys could play each game as many times as they wanted & could climb up on the machines (which they did a lot of!)

Carson loved this little swing!

The boys playing skee-ball. They all got in the lanes & would go throw the balls under the glass.

And even doing it that way, they still didn't score any points, lol! They would just go drop the ball in the return hole.

Carson would actually climb under the glass. It was pretty cute to watch!

After playing for about an hour, we took a little break to eat some pizza & cupcakes. This birthday boy loves him some pizza!

We sang Happy Birthday to Alex, but I forgot to bring candles for him to blow out. Oh well! And then the boys chowed down on some Mickey Mouse cupcakes.

Eating a cupcake while checking out what Chuck E. was doing on stage

That's a big bite your about to take there!

After pizza & cupcakes it was playtime again. The boys played a few more games & then they danced on the stage. (Carson & Clay are some SERIOUS dancers!!! Lol!) We didn't end up leaving til around 1:30 which means we spent 2 1/2 hours at Chuck E. Cheese! I know that Alex had a great time & I think all his little buddies did too!

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