Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way...

Thanks to Pinterest, I have all new Easter decorations this year!

A new wreath on my front door

I made this plastic Easter egg wreath the other day. I'm sure you've seen several versions of it all over Pinterest. You can find directions here or here or here. It's super easy & cheap to make.
(Just make sure that your hot glue gun is turned to HOT! A certain little boy under the age of 4 turned mine to low without me realizing it & my eggs kept falling off, even after the glue was dried.)

Easter egg garland
I made these by stringing plastic Easter eggs on fishing line. Just make sure you buy the eggs that already have a small hole in the top & bottom.

An Easter picture
This is on the entry table in my front hallway.
 I just wrapped a small frame in scrapbook paper & hotglued a wooden chick to it.

Another wreath that I saw on Pinterest.
Click here to see the directions on how to make it.

The mantel in my living room. (I bought the pink candlesticks at Hobby Lobby. They are the only new Easter decoration that I bought this year.)

The bunny is another painted canvas project of mine.

Bunny Tail Garland
Click here to see my inspiration. It's sold for $25 on Etsy, but I made mine for $2.33. I found a picture of a bunny on Google & printed it out. Then I traced it on posterboard several times & cut them all out. I traced around the outline with a sharpie & hotglued a big colored pompom for the tail. I holepunched each ear & strung it on fishing line.

And here is another Pinterest find that I still want to make but just haven't gotten a chance to yet..
but I may use bunny peeps instead of the chicks.
Pinned Image

And these are just the crafts that I have made.Pretty soon I'll be helping the kids make their Easter crafts. Paper plate & cotton ball bunnies, handprint art, bunny ears, dyed eggs & so much more!

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