Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring has Sprung...

Spring is officially here & boy am I excited! The weather outside is BEAUTIFUL, the grass is green & my flowers are blooming! It's my favorite time of the year!

Don't you just love beautiful days like this!

Look at my green grass & all my plants. I COMPLETELY made over this flower bed last year. I planted ever single plant you see in this picture except the trees.

one of my knock out roses

I bought a small purple flower at HEB last year and boy did it spread!

my rock rose - this is my favorite plant

Since my flower beds were all redone last year, this year I've been planting flowers in pots.

And this is my strawberry plant from last year. I can't believe it survived the winter!

And since it is officially spring, I took down our Winter Wish List & put up our Spring Fun To Do List. We finished all but about 10 things on our winter list. (Most of the things we didn't get to do were snow related.)

And here's our Spring list...

Go to the playground
Take a walk
Go to the zoo
Play with sidewalk chalk
Go on a nature walk
Play in the sprinkler
Go to the Children's Museum
Have an Easter egg hunt
Go to a bounce place
Go to Chuck E Cheese
Play with Clay (as much as possible before he moves)
Play with cousins
Ride bikes
Look for lizards
Play soccer
Fly a kite
Make rice krispie treats
Visit CiCi & PopPop
Visit MawMaw & Granddaddy
Have a picnic
Feed the ducks
Plant flowers
Dye Easter eggs
Make a bird feeder
Eat popscicles
Make a toad house
Plant a garden
Wash the car
Play putt putt
Have a playdate Easter party
Make cupcakes
Go on Addy's field trip
Play frisbee
Play in the rain
Play in the dirt
Eat ice cream cones
Blow bubbles
Pick flowers
Jump in muddy puddles

If the kids & I can complete everything on our Spring Fun To Do List, we'll have an awesome spring this year!

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