Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

Well, Spring Break has come & gone. 

We started Spring Break off with Alex's birthday party in Lumberton on Saturday. On Sunday, we headed back home. We made it home just as a giant rain storm blew in. It basically rained straight for the next day or 2 which meant we didn't leave the house for a couple of days. But once the rain finally stopped, the kids and I took a daily walk to the school playground. Nick even came with us a time or two.

On the last day of Spring Break, Nick & I brought the kids to the zoo.

looking at the elephants

Alex is pretending that his arm is an elephant's trunk.

Growling like a cougar

Addy loves to ride the carousel. But she only likes to sit on the bench, because it doesn't go up & down. Alex doesn't like to ride it though, he just likes to watch!

Alex petting a baby alligator.

Nick had to "help" Addy pet the baby alligator. And by help, I mean keep her from taking the alligator from the zookeeper.

Petting some kind of giant lizard

We're groundhogs!

looking at the zebras

After the zoo, the kids & I washed the cars.
I find it funny that to me (and probably most adults) washing the car is a chore, but to the kids it's a ton of fun!

And that was it for Spring Break. Even though Addy was the one out of school, I think it was harder for me to get back in the school routine on Monday than it was for her :(
Luckily, there's just 9 more weeks til summer!

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